Terms of Service

I use original photos for all of my products.
All of my products are made by myself, and shipped from Oregon.

* All items made by RawEdge3D are listed with detailed information. If more information is needed please contact me before purchase is made.
* All items made with licensed trade mark fabrics, have been purchased from a fabric store. I claim no copyright to these items.
* All items 3D printed with character themes, I claim no copyright to these items.
* All items designed and made by RawEdge3D are not mass produced. I make all items listed myself, and they are to be used as described individually.
* If any item made and sold by RawEdge3D is used for any purpose other than described in the individual listing, RawEdge3D is not responsible for any damage or injuries caused.
* Cloth made items:
Cloth made items such as face masks are made to be worn by only one person, face mask returns are not accepted!
Other cloth made items will be considered on a case by case basis, and pictures of the items will need to be provided.
* 3D printed items:
3D printed items are to be used as described in the individual listings.